Fifteen years ago, Rwanda was a week in to its now-infamous genocide, which lasted a remarkably short amount of time.

To my knowledge, this fact hasn’t been too widely written about in the US. But there are two articles that came out recently which are very much worth reading, both which capture Rwanda fifteen years later.

One is a beautiful piece, written by a blogger/journalist I really admire. It tells the story of a genocide survivor making peace with her attacker. At times it is hard to read, but the story comes directly from the mouths of both survivor and attacker. It is a breath of fresh air to read about peacemaking from the people who are actually doing the peacemaking in their own lives.

The other article is a report on Rwanda’s plan for economic development, a venture undertaken by Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame. In a lot of ways I wholeheartedly agree with a lot of Kagame’s proposals and ideas. And as a tourist in Rwanda just over a month ago, I can see how some of his ideas are working on the ground. The tourism industry can especially take root in a place that is as clean and safe as Rwanda is now. However, there is a lot of concern over the heavy-handedness of the Rwandan regime, the suppression of dissent, etc. So it is hard for me to give my full support. Regardless, the article is well-written and important. (HT my dear friend Nathaniel for this one).

Please check these out – they are too good to pass up.