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Belfast. Germany. Cork. London. Dublin.

My past five weekends have been a little crazy. Every weekend I’ve been in another city; sometimes in another country. It’s true that I was voted “most likely to travel the world” in high school. . . However, I generally tend to do my traveling a little bit more slowly than this. Or at least stay somewhere for a week. That being said, the past five weeks have been exhilarating, fun, and at times a little stressful.

One of the highlights of the past couple weeks (and the reason for a couple of the trips) was having friends Laura and Jordan come visit. The four of us make quite a set. We have matching initials (well now that we’re all married at least), we all like to eat … a lot, and we have reached a level in our friendships where it is ok to tease each other about being cranky. Now that’s love. Laura and Jordan hung out in Galway while I slaved over a paper, without whining even once that I was neglecting them. Instead, they explored the city on their own and made a trip to the Cliffs of Moher (ask them about the wind!). During the weekends, however, we escaped little old Galway for some bigger cities: London and Dublin.

st. paul's cathedral

It was Laura’s, Jon’s AND my first time in London. And boy, did we ever cram as much as we could into our four days there. From walking around its diverse neighborhoods, to seeing Big Ben, the Rosetta Stone, and St. Paul’s Cathedral with our own eyes, we were a foursome on the move. And we managed to fit in as much coffee, food, and dessert as our stomachs could handle. Of course, the trip did have its hiccups. The London Underground closed down basically all the subway lines we needed during the weekend. We got lost within the financial/diamond district during lunchtime on Saturday, when NOTHING was open and we were hungry. Etc. The little snafus add up to the beauty of travel, in my opinion, and always lead you to places you would’ve never seen otherwise.

laura and jordan in london

enjoying fall colors in Hyde Park

temple church door

gorgeous door at Temple Church

albert's gate

beautiful details of the gate surrounding a memorial to Prince Albert.

Having Laura and Jordan here to be a part of our lives in Ireland, to visit the university and cheer me on as I finished my fourth paper in as many weeks, was such a pleasure. Getting to do London (and a bit of Dublin) was the cherry on top. It was sad to see them go!

This coming weekend we’re staying in Galway. Mostly. There will be a quick trip to Limerick thrown in. But after five weeks of cross-country or out-of-Ireland travel, Limerick will be a breeze. Please do check out our Picasa site to see photos from these, and other, adventures!


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