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Our journey home didn’t quite go according to plan. Soon after arriving at Entebbe Airport on Monday morning for my 9:00am departure we were informed that the pilot had fallen sick and the flight was delayed “until further notice”. After an hour or so, they announced that a new pilot was coming and we would depart at midnight…15 hours later. During our wait, however, the airline put us up in the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in in Uganda, the Imperial Beach Resort….beach on Lake Victoria, pool, air conditioned rooms with cable…

This actually worked out pretty good for Lauren and I. She was scheduled to fly out at 10:00pm that night, so my delay gave us the chance to spend the day together…in a fancy hotel, instead of the cheap place up the street she was planning to hang out in.

At about 4:00pm that afternoon Lauren discovered via email that her flight plan had been changed. She would now be departing at 7:50pm on a flight to Nairobi where she would get a flight to Amsterdam. Apparently KLM decided to cancel all the Monday night flights from Entebbe to Amsterdam during the month of May without informing passengers. So, Lauren quickly arranged herself and made it to the airport, just in time. If she hadn’t been on line at that moment to check things out, she would have surely missed her flight.

After my 8 hour layover in London, I set off for Chicago on the weirdest flight I’ve ever been on. About an hour after we took off, a young white American male (probably about 30) decided to attack a flight attendant after he refused to serve him more alcohol. He was restrained and seemed to relax. But after a few minutes he decided to attack again…making threats and literally falling over into other passengers’ seats. Not wanting to take chances, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Glasgow, Scotland where the man was taken off the plane by local police. For about 2 hours we sat in Glasgow as the police took statements from passengers and crew about what happened and searched for the man’s luggage. We then flew back to London where the plane picked up more fuel, more food, and a new crew. Finally, after 18 hours on the plane, I arrived in Chicago at around 3:00am.

Luckily, my beautiful mother waited through the 10 hour delay and greeted me with a smile once I passed through customs.



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