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This afternoon, along with a friendly mix of NUI Galway students and staff, Jon and I left the confines of the city of Galway to visit the lovely St. Brigit’s Garden, a 30-minute drive away.

The garden showcased native Irish plants and landscapes and introduced us to some ancient Celtic seasons and celebrations. Additionally, an expert gardener gave us a tour of herbs used for various healing remedies. I’m especially excited to try feverfew, a plant which purportedly keeps migraine headaches away!

The visit gave me a chance to spend some much needed time with my camera. Here a couple of my favorite shots from the afternoon.

yellow flowers

flower & bumblebee

purple flowers

The garden was also home to a wishing tree. We found a number of sweet and poignant wishes fluttering in the wind

wish 1

wish 2

wish 3

The garden had a number of these beautiful woven swings. So much fun!


Finally, two tree shots.

birch tree wood detail

To check out other photos from the trip (and some other adventures), click on the link to the right that says “Our Photos.”


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